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Leading Ladies - Managing Your Inbox Using 'Inbox Zero'

"Your inbox is so empty!" she said accusingly.

My client glanced back at her own screen to see a page full of thousands of emails. Some flagged some not. Some had even been given special colours a few months ago but the shadow of organisation seemed to have faded and all you could see was red.

"Inbox Zero" I said.

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Challenges - The Week of No Sorrys

I say sorry a lot.

Sorry for troubling you. Sorry for interrupting you. Sorry instead of hello.

I wondered this week what might change if I were to suppress that desire to apologise at every opportunity and let myself be very unapologetic about my existence.

Thus, 'A Week of No Sorrys' has been established. This week I will avoid the 's' word entirely and attempt to go about my life as usual without it.

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