Human Resources - Giving Your Newbies the Best First Day Ever

Best First Day Ever.png

It's in everyone's best interest to get any new employees up and on top as soon as possible.

But how to you give them the best lead in possible?

  1. Schedule at least the First Week: have a detailed plan of attack for the week including sessions with any stakeholders and introductory sessions on the company, it's culture and it's history. Make sure it's in everyone's diary too! Having a plan of what to expect for the coming week can help settle the nerves and give them a chance to prepare.
  2. Set Goals and Expectations Early: Instill the habit of daily achievement by giving the employee targets from the first day on the job. Each day on your schedule include an attainable objective; "create pivot table with data provided", or "send email to office to introduce yourself". It should also help the employee to feel like they are accomplishing something even in a week that might normally be written off.
  3. Force Breaks: Make sure you include chunks of time in the schedule for the employee to rest their brain so they aren't completely overwhelmed. Organising a team lunch is a great idea but it's also important they have time to recharge and orient themselves alone. Keep an eye on them and if they haven't moved from their desk in a while suggest helping them around the kitchen for a drink.
  4. Be Prepared: Make sure you have the key induction documents prepared: company organisation chart (including pictures and desk locations), key office information (IT set up, Health and Safety, etc.), and handover notes (the role description, any ongoing items, contact list, etc.). Provide hard and soft copies - you never know their preference.
  5. Make them comfortable: Take plenty of time to get to know them and give them chances to get to know the office. Invite them for coffee breaks, involve them in meetings, fill them in on any inside jokes. Giving them regular feedback and positive reinforcement can also help to get them settled in.
  6. Be Patient: Give them a chance to find their rhythm and figure out how they fit into yours. That's something that not everyone can do in one day.

How do you do your welcome? Start thinking up ideas on how best to kick start your new employees careers in your company.