Project Management - Developing an Idea and Seeking Collaboration

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We all have brilliant ideas every now and then. But how often do we pass the idea off on someone else to develop only for it to not turn out the way we expected?

How can we effectively manage a project if we don't understand what resources need to go into it?

No matter how good an idea is you cannot be an effective project manager without having full understanding of what you’re asking someone else for. Good leaders invest themselves and direct their passion through their collaborators with solid knowledge and experience.

  1. Think comprehensive - anyone can have an idea. But an idea is nothing until you think about the resources required to action it. An idea might be great on paper but without a full understanding of the components to a successful execution. From the moment of conception start thinking about the key factors involved; collaborators, resources, time, and challenges.

  2. Don't hesitate, act immediately - sometimes the hardest part of projects is getting started. If you have an idea, it is generally followed by momentum. I find my most inspired moments come straight after the idea pops into my head. I make time to sit down and brainstorm then draw out a plan of how my ideal project will go. You have no excuse to ever lose that initial momentum when you carry a pen and plan with you everywhere (or a handy smart phone!). Use the free 'Pocket Planner' below to develop your ideas into a project on the spot.

  3. Try it yourself - they say to lead by example. How can you understand what goes into the project if you haven't experimented a little with the skills required? For example; you want to start a newsletter. Test your current emailing service to see how it will work. Maybe it's not as professional as you would like it to look nor as intuitive. Do you need a service like MailChimp to help? What are the data protection issues if you take an external provider? How much will it cost? How long will writing, designing and sending the newsletter take? Do a test run.

  4. Think of your colleagues as collaborators - you're in this together. If you want your colleagues and key stakeholders to be as passionate about your plans as you are show them how they can be involved and why this project is important. Communicate your plans, delegate work and follow up frequently.

Make your first steps and download the pocket planner below and let me know in the comments what your top idea development tips are.

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