Leading Ladies - Managing Your Inbox Using 'Inbox Zero'

"Your inbox is so empty!" she said accusingly.

My client glanced back at her own screen to see a page full of thousands of emails. Some flagged some not. Some had even been given special colours a few months ago but the shadow of organisation seemed to have faded and all you could see was red.

"Inbox Zero" I said.

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Challenges - A Week of No Complaints

My friend messaged me to say she had escaped an unpleasant encounter with an intoxicated lady at the bus stop.

This lady had approached her and begun to tell the tale of her unfortunate life thus far. From heroin addiction to alcoholism to hiding everything from her husband; she had been through it all.

I felt guilty that it took brief moments like an encounter like this for me to remember I have so much to be grateful for.

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Challenges - The Week of No Sorrys

I say sorry a lot.

Sorry for troubling you. Sorry for interrupting you. Sorry instead of hello.

I wondered this week what might change if I were to suppress that desire to apologise at every opportunity and let myself be very unapologetic about my existence.

Thus, 'A Week of No Sorrys' has been established. This week I will avoid the 's' word entirely and attempt to go about my life as usual without it.

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Human Resources - HR's Professional Landmines

Human Resources is a department that requires a lot of patience and understanding. Often times it requires you to act like a therapist to employees and management alike. With the odds already stacked against you given the negative stereotype towards HR we really need as much help as we can get from good people working hard for their companies.

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